Below is the story of episode 08 of the dramaBakhtawar that was aired on 18 September 2022 on Hum TV.

Sheeda, who has been aspiring to uncover Bakhtawar’s veil, sneaks into the house after Bakhtawar leaves for the hospital, changing her guise to a boy Bakhtu. Inside the house, he is confused to notice that Bakhtawar is nowhere to be found. Nazar sees someone breaking into his tenant’s house. When he tries to investigate, Sheeda runs away. 

Unable to accumulate funds for the surgery, Bakhtu borrows money from Dilawar. When Dilawar’s mother offers to give him charity, Bakhtu bluntly spurns it down, clarifying that he does not take aid. Perplexed about Bakhtawar’s whereabouts, Sheeda questions Bakhtu about his sister, Bakhtawar’s hideout and Bakhtu keeps stalling the rising questions.

Hooriya asks Bakhtu to spy on Dilawar but he straightaway refuses to be disloyal to his employer. This pisses her off and she empoisons Sherzaman about Bakhtu, asking him to get him fired. When Dilawar is asked to entertain Hooriya’s demand, he instantly refuses.

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