Fraud Episode 20 Story

Below is the story of episode 20 of the dramaFraud that was aired on 17 September 2022 on ARY Digital TV.

Tooba informs her mother about Tabraiz and decides to introduce them to each other formally. Maya is asked to bring a dress for Tooba at the house for the meeting. Upon entering the house, she finds Zimal hiding in a corner. Out of kindness, Maya tries to comfort her. Shan, who has recently had a deceitful experience with Maria, gets cautious.

He humiliates Maya, accusing her of trying to trap him through his daughter. Maya gets offended and leaves the house in a fury, missing Tabraiz by seconds. After meeting him, Tooba’s mother mentions investigating Tabraiz’s background but Tooba strictly forbids her from doing so.

Seeing Shan bewildered for his daughter, his mother takes his proposal for Maya, assuring Nisar that Maya will have a safe future if she marries Shan. Maya sternly refuses to remarry, begging Nisar to let her live peacefully. Shan’s mother decides to convince Maya to marry, conspiring to exploit her innocence. 

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