Wabaal Episode 03 Story

Below is the story of episode 03 of the dramaWabaal that was aired on 17 September 2022 on Hum TV.

Faraz starts falling for Anum and confesses his love to her. Rahat loses her cool when she sees the gifts Anum shopped for her friend’s birthday. It turns out that Anum borrowed money from Amber to keep her secret safe when Amber told her that she is eloping with her boyfriend.

Shakir meets Faraz in the neighborhood and invites him over for tea. Anum is displeased to see him and tries her best to make him feel unwelcome. While enjoying her friend’s birthday party, she receives a call from Amber’s mother Rihana, asking her about Amber’s whereabouts. Scared, Anum rushes home only to find Rihana creating a spectacle at her house and blaming her for hiding Amber.

Anum hesitantly reveals the truth that Amber went to see her lover secretly. This infuriates Rihana and she gets Anum arrested for being equally involved with her daughter. Shagufta finds solace when she hears the news of Anum’s arrest. To tarnish Shakir’s pride, she decides to get Anum released on bail with her “illegitimate money.”

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