The Last Kingdom Review

Have your eyes been craving to witness some soul-stirring, blood-freezing, and nerve-wracking battles? Where there’s a fair share of history, politics, romance, bromance, treason, and rivers of blood flowing throughout the land? If so, you are at the right address, my friend. Let’s hop onto it! The Last Kingdom happens to be a lifelong masterpiece […]

All Of Us Are Dead Review

Yet another zombie series? You’ve got to be kidding me! Raise your hand if, like most other Netflix series addicts, that was your first thought after hearing of the new Korean release, “All of Us are Dead!” And you truly have a point there, you know. I mean, it’s about time they abandoned the old-school […]

Detailed Story of the New Netflix Series; 'Vikings Valhalla'

Valhalla’s Time Period in History Vikings: Valhalla takes place a whole century later after the exploits of the legendary King Ragnar Lothbrok and his sons; Bjion Ironside and Ivor the Boneless. By now, a vast population of Vikings has started to call Europe their homeland. The story outlines the expeditions of the great Norse explorer […]

Webtoon adapted into Korean Series Tomorrow

Action and drama in one series are a genre that everyone loves, despite the origin of the drama. Netizens from all around the world are anticipating the new Korean series that is soon to be released on Netflix. The release date is set to be 25th March 2022. With the phenomenal cast and the exciting […]