Chauraha Episode 30_31 Story

Below is the story of episodes 30 & 31 of the dramaChauraha that were aired on 19 & 20 Sep 2022 on GEO TV.

Episode 30 Story

Upon Saleem’s insistence, Shireen goes to Naila’s prospective in-laws with Junaid, requesting them to conduct the wedding ceremony as soon as possible. She then goes to Arsal’s house with the same request and ends up getting humiliated by Naseema. However, Qadeer understands her compulsion and instantly agrees to her request.

Junaid realizes that Zoya’s prospective mother-in-law is a very cunning woman who will not let Zoya live in peace. He suggests Shireen call off her engagement but to no avail. Shireen takes Zoya and Naila for wedding shopping. Junaid’s gang chases them and abducts Zoya after knocking Shireen unconscious.

When Junaid find out about the incident, he calls his gang, threatening to kill them if they try to hurt Zoya. However, when they demand money from him, Junaid grabs his gun and locates the kidnappers’ hideout to rescue Zoya.

Episode 31 Story

Sikandar’s mother, Salma intentionally informs Naseema about Zoya’s kidnapping. Enraged, Naseema arrives at the house and calls off the engagement, strictly advising Shireen to keep her daughter away from Arsal. Shireen feels insulted and returns the engagement ring.

Saleem questions Shireen about why always Zoya becomes a target of an accident, aggravating Shireen’s pain. Meanwhile, Junaid non-lethally shoots the kidnappers, advising them to seek forgiveness before it is too late. He ends up getting shot during the shootout but manages to rescue Zoya. When Zoya returns home, she faces the rising questions of her family and Salma’s criticism for putting Junaid in jeopardy.

Junaid reveals the entire truth about his former illegitimate business to Saleem, clarifying that he is Zoya’s culprit. Saleem is shocked at the revelation and feels embarrassed about his wrongful upbringing. Guilty, he takes Junaid’s proposal to Shireen, requesting her to make Zoya his daughter-in-law.

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