Habbs Episode 03 Story

Below is the story of episode 03 of the drama Habbs that was aired on 24 May 2022 on ARY Digital TV.

During a meeting with Soha, Basit makes it clear that loyalty means everything to him in a relationship. But things get complicated when a male friend of Soha bumps into her and she meets him warmly by hugging him in front of Basit.

Later, seeing Basit in a perplexed state, his friend, Fahad (Musaddiq Malik) advises him to give himself and Soha some time to develop a connection. However, having no other choice but to save his business from falling apart, Basit proposes Soha and she takes some time to think over the matter.  

Qudsia discovers Bano’s secret plan of marrying Talal and goes straight to Talal’s mother to blow the gaff. Shamsa strictly prohibits Talal from marrying Bano and later plays a façade of fainting to keep Talal occupied. Bano keeps waiting for Talal in the marriage court and is heartbroken when Talal refuses to marry her. Ayesha catches her younger sister, Zoya having a lunch date with a guy and drags her to the house angrily.

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