List of Urdu-Dubbed Turkish Dramas

List of All 38 Urdu-Dubbed Turkish Dramas [on Pakistani TV]

Turkish dramas are what we call the true essence of entertainment. A complex of unique stories hypnotizes you when you have eye-catching actors on screen spreading magic around you. Here is a list of the dramas you cannot afford to miss. This will take you to the world of enjoyment and fun that you will not forget ever. 

Urdu-Dubbed Turkish Dramas on Urdu1 TV

Urdu1 has been the real champion when it comes to airing Turkish dramas. Indeed, the overwhelming success and the popularity the channel gained is owed to these dramas. It is this channel that has kept the tradition alive when others have abandoned the pursuit.

Here we have compiled a comprehensive list of 19 Urdu dubbed Dramas that went on air on Urdu1 TV.

1. Aashiyana Meri Mohabbat Ka

  • Turkish Title: Medcezir
  • Genre(s): Romance

The story focuses on the struggles of Yaman who fits himself into an upper-class family despite being poor. With his lover, Mira by his side, he faces all calamities and achieves his goals. 

2. Budnaseeb

  • Turkish Title: Merhamet
  • Genre(s): Romance

Narin becomes a successful lawyer and finds happiness with her new friend, Deniz, and her family. Destiny tests her when her first love, Firat gets engaged to Deniz’s sister. 

3. Ek Haseena Ek Deewana

  • Turkish Title: Cesur Ve Güzel
  • Genre(s): Crime, Romance

Trapped in a family feud, Cesur and Suhan fall in love. The couple spends happy life with their child as Suhan’s father saves them from the true culprit by sacrificing himself. 

4. Emergency Pyar

  • Turkish Title: Acil Ask Araniyor
  • Genre(s): Comedy, Romance, Family

A comic drama turns into a love story between two doctors Nisan and Sinan. A trick or two causes distance between the couple but the friends turned lovers receive a happy ending when all matters are resolved.

5. Fatmagul – Akhir Mera Qasoor Kiya

  • Turkish Title: Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?
  • Genre(s): Crime, Romance

Fatma is raped by 3 friends. The 4th one is forced to take all the blame and tie the knot with her. The story focuses on the blooming love between the two and their fight for justice. 

6. Feriha

  • Turkish Title: Adini Feriha Koydum
  • Genre(s): Family, Romance

This drama depicts the love story of poor Feriha and rich Emir. The couple faces immense turmoil and finally gets married but sadly, Feriha is shot to death during her wedding dance. 

7. Hamari Kahani

  • Turkish Title: Bizim Hikaye
  • Genre(s): Comedy, Family

This drama is full of twists and secrets. It is mainly about the lives of Feliz and Baris who after the whole mess in life are married and blessed with a baby boy. 

8. Ishq

  • Turkish Title: A.Ş.K.
  • Genre(s): Romance

Azra and Kerem are to marry when Azra asks him to marry Shabnam to sort out his financial problems. Out of jealousy, she marries Shabnam’s brother. The couples fall in love. Destiny plays back when Shabnam is killed, Kerem is jailed, and the other two part ways. 

9. Ishq Mamnu

  • Turkish Title: Ask-i Memnu
  • Genre(s): Romance

A secret love affair of Behlul with his uncle’s young wife, Bihter causes many problems. After all the intense scenarios, the truth is revealed. Bihter kills herself and Behlul goes crazy.  

10. Kaala Paisa Pyar

  • Turkish Title: Kara Para Ask
  • Genre(s): Crime, Action

Omer and Elif join hands as they try to solve the murder mystery of their beloved ones. Walking on the track of love, they discover the mastermind to be Elif’s uncle. 

11. Karadayi

  • Turkish Title: Karadayi
  • Genre(s): Crime, Action

Mahir makes efforts to get justice for his father wrongly accused of murder. Destiny tests him when the woman he loves is the judge of his father’s case. 

12. Khaali Haath

  • Turkish Title: Karagül
  • Genre(s): Family

The struggle of Ebru starts after her husband’s supposed death where she discovers about his first marriage. She has to fight against treacherous family members who want to spoil her life and harm her children. 

13. Kosem Sultan

  • Turkish Title: Muhtesem Yüzyil: Kösem
  • Genre(s): History

Kosem fights against the enemies in her family after her husband’s death and all treacheries wisely. She is killed by false means at her old age remembering her husband in the last moments. 

14. Kuzey Guney

  • Turkish Title: Kuzey Güney
  • Genre(s): Romance, Family

The story is about Kuney’s revenge on his brother for wasting his 4 years in jail as he took the blame for the accident caused by Guney. Little does he know that he was not the only one who suffered. 

15. Maral

  • Turkish Title: Maral: En güzel Hikayem
  • Genre(s): Family

A poor girl, Maral, lands in a situation where her dreams are to come true but life won’t bless her so easily. After facing intense challenges, she archives both her love and success.

16. Main Ayesha Gul

  • Turkish Title: İlişki Durumu: Karışık
  • Genre(s): Comedy, Family

Aysha and Can are bound in a fake marriage contract. Destiny brings them together at the very end after all troubles of being married to someone else. Finally, their love is entangled in a firm relation. 

17. Nazli

  • Turkish Title: Seven Ne Yapmaz
  • Genre(s): Comedy, Romance

The two opposite characters, Nazli and Ozan fall in love but trouble calls when another girl enters their life who tries to separate them but they stand firm fighting for their love.

18. Nijaat

  • Turkish Title: Bir Bulut Olsam
  • Genre(s): Romance

Mustafa and Narin are married since childhood. The story shows how pure love becomes so deep that it takes the shape of madness where the couple becomes inseparable. 

19. Shajar-e-Mamnu

  • Turkish Title: Yasak Elma
  • Genre(s): Romance

The life of a simple and poor girl Yildiz turns upside down when a rich woman Ender uses her for her own benefits promising to make her rich in return. 

Urdu-Dubbed Turkish Dramas on Express TV

Express TV also jumped into the competition by offering two romantic dramas, Asi and Manahil and Khalil. A total of seven Urdu-dubbed Turkish dramas were presented on the channel.

20. 20 Minutes

  • Turkish Title: 20 Dakika
  • Genre(s): Action, Romance

The story shows efforts made by Ali in rescuing his wife from jail who was accused of a murder she didn’t commit. While he wants his wife back, his kids adjust to a life without a mother.  

21. Asi

  • Turkish Title: Asi
  • Genre(s): Family, Romance

Demir and Asi’s love is tested when the past secrets of families are revealed. The shocking turn of events causes them to separate but the power of love always brings them back together. 

22. Fareb

  • Turkish Title: Eve Düşen Yıldırım
  • Genre(s): Family

Munazza faces grave difficulties when she starts living in her uncle’s house after the death of her parents. The basic problem is the interest both her cousins take in her while she herself is in love with the younger one. 

23. Manahil Aur Khalil

  • Turkish Title: Menekşe ile Halil
  • Genre(s): Romance

Minahil runs away from her brutal husband to her lover Halil and both of them are on a murderous hunt by Minahil’s father and brother. But true love wins and everyone reconciles at the end. 

24. Meenay Mera Pyar

  • Turkish Title: Bir Çocuk Sevdim
  • Genre(s): Romance

The deep love of Meenay and Sinan is opposed by the families due to different backgrounds. The love is tested when Meenay is pregnant with his baby and the families are worried about the next step.  

25. Meray Baba Jaan

  • Turkish Title: Yaprak Dökümü
  • Genre(s): Family

This is a story of a beautiful bond shared by a father with his kids but the only problem is that he is very strict about his kids following him completely which gives rise to minor complications. 

26. Yeh Hai Meri Kahani

  • Turkish Title: Son
  • Genre(s): Mystery

Life is not so simple as it seems. This reality is faced by Aylin who wakes up from her dream of a perfect life and discovers some bitter facts surrounding her.

Urdu-Dubbed Turkish Dramas on Geo Kahani/Geo TV

Geo TV started presenting Turkish dramas on Geo Kahani and first came up with the historic thriller ‘Mera Sultan’ which can be dubbed as one of the early successes in the Pakistani dramas dubbing industry. 

27. Mera Sultan

  • Turkish Title: Muhteşem Yüzyıl
  • Genre(s): History

Sultan Suleyman of the Ottoman empire, trapped under the love of a cunning woman, Hurrem, is unable to identify the vicious tricks she plays to keep the throne for her child resulting in innumerable shattering deaths.

28. Sheharzaad

  • Turkish Title: Binbir Gece
  • Genre(s): Family

A one-night deal made with a man by a mother to save her son leads to a blooming romance revealing past secrets, mending broken ties, and securing a lifelong relationship. 

29. Mera Ishq

  • Turkish Title: Vatanım Sensin
  • Genre(s): Romance, History

This is an epic romance tale of a man helpless of his duty-bound to see his family suffering and his beloved wife dealing with the atrocities alone.

30. Mohabbat

  • Turkish Title: Ezel
  • Genre(s): Crime

The drama follows the story of Omer (Ezel) who seeks revenge from his best friends and lover for falsely accusing him of robbery and murder. By the time he reunites with everyone, dangers surround him in a way that all his dear ones die with him.

31. Kurulus Osman

  • Turkish Title: Kuruluş: Osman
  • Genre(s): History

The story of Ertugrul’s son continues where he possesses the skills of his father and fights for the same mission as him with his warriors and lady love by his side.

Urdu-Dubbed Turkish Dramas on Other TV Channels

Many other Pakistani TV channels followed the trend where the state TV channel PTV came up with Ertugrul Ghazi which once went on air, broke all records of popularity. Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan was another success, aired on Filmazia TV.

32. Ertugrul Ghazi

  • Turkish Title: Diriliş: Ertuğrul
  • Channel: PTV
  • Genre(s): History

Ertugrul, the leader of the Kayi tribe, along with his warrior brothers faces heartbreak every time his people are sacrificed protecting their land. After losing his beloved wife, Helime, his sole priority is his kids and tribe which he fulfills beautifully.

33. Yunus Emre

  • Turkish Title: Yunus Emre: Aşkın Yolculuğu
  • Channel: PTV
  • Genre(s): History

The story is about Yunus Emre, a Seljuk official. It narrates his whole beautiful and complicated journey of becoming a Dervaish when he becomes a part of the monastery. 

34. Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan

  • Turkish Title: Aşk Laftan Anlamaz
  • Channel: Fillmazia
  • Genre(s): Romance, Family

Hayat with a fake identity enters the life of Murat. They are bound in messy marriage but many calamities bring them together. Hayat gets pregnant and the couple after fighting all troubles lives happily ever after.

35. Sunehri Titliyan

  • Turkish Title: Güneşin Kızları
  • Channel: AAJ Entertainment
  • Genre(s): Romance, Comedy

A couple is married at old age and their children after initial bickering fall in love. The differences are all sorted out when some facts are explored and truths are revealed which lead to a happy ending. 

36. Umeed

  • Turkish Title: Benim Hala Umudum Var
  • Channel: APlus TV
  • Genre(s): Romance

The struggle story of Umut is followed by a complex love triangle as two best friends, Ozan and Haqan fall in love with her while she herself is interested in Ozan who hides his true identity. 

37. Alif

  • Turkish Title: Elif
  • Channel: See TV
  • Genre(s): Family

The story focuses on the troubles faced by Elif and her mother Melek. After passing worldly oppression and family tricks, the mother-daughter duo receives a happy ending and starts a new life. 

38. Doraha

  • Turkish Title: Kördügüm
  • Channel: TV One
  • Genre(s): Family

This is a love triangle story between Ali, Naaz, and Omar. Naz, though married to Omar, seems to fall in love with the cold-hearted Ali when life forces her to lose her kindness too. 


Turkish dramas have been winning the hearts of people for over a decade now. The above-mentioned dramas are a treat to watch. Every time, the story is different and interesting, which turns out to be a big surprise for the viewers. Why waste time? Let us travel through the kingdom of Türkiye and enjoy its enchanting plots.


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