Mere Humnasheen - Episode 29_30 Story

Below is the story of episodes 29 & 30 of the dramaMere Humnasheen that were aired on 12~13 August 2022.

Episode 29 Story

Amroze and Shanzay’s married life starts flourishing after Amroze starts being compassionate and romantic with his wife. Darakhzai has a bad nightmare related to Khajista which makes him restless. He begs Moray to call her back as her studies are also wrapped up.

In the city, Hadi ends up getting his head stitched but remains unaware of the attacker. Shehryar starts doubting Hadi’s intentions after he discovers that he was present along with Khajista at the time of the attack. Khajista elucidates the actual events that went down at the annual dinner to clear the misunderstanding.

Shehryar is bewildered to hear the revelation and feels ashamed to have a lecherous son like Hasan. In his fury, he confronts Hasan and quietly declares to send him abroad to isolate him from his loved ones. The entire situation prompts Shehryar to change his views on Khajista and he decides to agree with Hadi’s choice.

Episode 30 Story

Exhausted, Khajista decides to leave for her village without attending the convocation ceremony. Hadi finds out about it and he disapproves of her leave application. When he tells her that his father is planning to meet Daji, she flips out and demands some time to ponder over his proposal.

Amroze runs into Sanober and asks her why she conspired against Khajista at the medical camp. She takes the opportunity to tell him that Khajista wants freedom from Darakhzai as she wants to spend her future in the city. Sobia severs her ties with Shehryar after he calls off Hadi’s engagement with Aima.  

Darakhzai decides to construct a hospital on his land to allow Khajista to practice medicine in the village. Behram discovers Darakhzai’s intentions and starts preparing to halt his construction plan. Hadi calls Amroze and tells him that his family wants to formally come to his house with the proposal, leaving Amroze perplexed.

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