Below is the story of episodes 17 & 18 of the dramaNehar that were aired on 04 & 05 Jul 2022 on Hum TV.

Episode 17 Story

Zohra envies seeing Kabir squander his wealth on Mazhar. She regrets making Anmol her daughter-in-law after realizing that Komal is the real golden bird who is retracting most of Kabir’s wealth. 

Arsalan manipulates Anmol into asking her father for his retirement fund so he can start the business. She straightaway refuses and strictly prohibits him from begging her father. Unable to handle the insult, Arsalan bursts onto her like a volcano, threatening to treat her like the way Mazhar treats Komal. Anmol does not hold back and gives an unrestrained response, causing Arsalan to lose his wits. 

Komal is shocked to find out that Mazhar’s suicide attempt was a drama. Realizing that nothing can save her racking marriage, she calls Anmol and asks her to refrain their father from giving his retirement funds to Mazhar. Anmol fears that Komal is not safe in her house and relays her message to Adeel. 

Episode 18 Story

Adeel goes to meet Mazhar and attempts to revive his self-respect by asking him to stop laying hands in front of Kabir. Despite being ashamed, Mazhar’s ego is hurt and he calls Kabir, asking him to take Komal back. 

Kabir and Ghazala berate Adeel for interfering in Komal’s matter and take him to Mazhar’s house to apologize to him. Zohra asks Kabir to fix Erum and Adeel’s wedding date and emphasizes carrying out a simple wedding. However, Adeel turns the tables this time and stresses to have an elaborate wedding. He especially demands Zohra to fulfill the family’s tradition of gifting the son-in-law a luxurious car, leaving her shocked. Arsalan fumes with anger seeing Adeel’s flip side and starts quarreling with him. 

Adeel is bent on getting all his demands fulfilled and warns Kabir and Ghazala not to interfere in his matter. Arsalan forces his mother to call off Erum’s engagement but Erum threatens to leave the house forever, leaving Zohra baffled. 

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