Below is the story of episodes 23 & 24 of the dramaNehar that were aired on 01 & 02 Aug 2022 on Hum TV.

Episode 23 Story

Zohra asks Erum to stop beating around the bush and focus on her studies to become independent just like Anmol. Exasperated, Erum taunts her mother for always favoring her son and neglecting her daughter’s happiness. 

Ghazala informs Kabir about Adeel’s request to marry Anmol, leaving him puzzled. Mazhar and Komal are blessed with a baby boy. Mazhar takes the opportunity to loot Kabir further by handing him the hospital bill. Anmol hires a lawyer to rid Komal of her ravenous in-laws. Ishrat’s heart burns to see Anmol financially stable and plans to marry her to Mazhar. 

Batool is shocked to discover that Mazhar is Anmol’s brother-in-law. She reveals the truth about him and Ishrat’s wrongdoings and how they poisoned her sister to death. Before Anmol could take any action, Ishrat leaves the gas stove on to blow up Komal. Majid happens to be outside her house and helps escort Komal to the hospital. 

Episode 24 Story

Anmol rushes to the hospital after Majid informs her about the incident. Ishrat and Mazhar play a facade of innocence in front of the doctor to get away from the crime. However, the doctor considers the incident to be a police case and summons the police to the hospital. Mazhar flounces after Komal gains consciousness and flees away with his mother and the baby. 

Anmol berates her father for pushing Komal into a hellhole despite her constant warnings. Meanwhile, Ishrat and Mazhar decide to pick up their cash and jewelry from the house before hiding in a cocoon. However, the police reach their house before them and seize their belongings. 

Ishrat trades the baby to a beggar so she can make money out of him. She and Mazhar then take refuge at Mehwish’s house who kicks them out the next morning. To find her nephew, Anmol seeks help from social media by posting a video, elaborating on the vicious crimes of the corrupt mother-son duo. 

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