Pyar Deewangi Hai Episode 19 Story

Below is the story of episode 19 of the dramaPyar Deewangi Hai that was aired on 26 Sep 2022.

Seeing Rabi’s crazy behavior, Naseem persuades Mateen to remarry to fill the house with joy. When Mateen hesitates, she tries to convince him that Zebi will give him children who can drag Rabi out of her madness. Zebi deliberately brings her nephew to Mateen. When Rabi sees them playing with the baby, she pushes Zebi away. This drives Mateen mad and he raises his hand to Rabi.

Heartbroken, Rabi goes to her mother to cry her heart out. Meanwhile, Mateen informs his mother that he has been seeking to adopt a baby from an orphanage. Naseem becomes outraged and gets bent on extending her own bloodline. Helpless, Mateen marries Zebi in Rabi’s absence.

On the other hand, Rabi keeps going to shrines, praying to conceive unaware that the love of her life has betrayed her. The day after the wedding, Mateen is shocked to overhear Zebi and his mother talking about how they ruined Rabi’s life with the help of a sorcerer. 

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