Top 10 Korean Dramas to Watch in 2020

Top 10 Korean Dramas to Watch in 2020

Amidst the crisis faced by the entire world where everyone lost hope and became dull, the Korean industry presented some fascinating dramas to cheer people up. It was a wonderful time for people to enjoy the plots and different stories by staying at home. Nonstop entertainment got people to chill out and make most of their time.

If you still have not enjoyed them out, here is the list of the top 10 Korean dramas of 2020.

1. The World of the Married

Genre(s): Melodrama, Romance, Family, Thriller

This story reveals how different games are played when you fall into the category of a married community. Ji Sun-woo and Lee Tae-oh live a happy life with their son Lee Joon-young until Sun-woo discovers her husband’s affair with a much younger girl. She is taken aback to find all her friends involved with her husband’s lies. As the story progresses it is revealed how clashes between parents affect the child and how moving on is the hardest of all.

2. The King: Eternal Monarch

Genre(s): Romance, Fantasy

A story about lovers from two parallel worlds will drive you crazy. Lee Gon, the modern king of Corea has some ties with a detective living in Republic of Korea. As they try to face dangers together, love keeps blooming. Lee Gon’s childhood friend and Captain of the Royal Guard, Jo-young joins the couple with other accomplices in a battle to defeat Lee Gon’s vicious half-uncle. As the characters play with time to set things straight, the couple finally succeeds to spend time with each other till the end.

3. Itaewon Class

Genre(s): Drama

Poor boy Park Sae-ro-yi is expelled from his school when he punches a boy responsible for his father’s death due to his reckless driving. The atrocities increase when he is imprisoned for three years. When released, he tries to move on in life and face the competitive world by starting a bar-restaurant as wished by his father. His biggest support is Jo Yi-seo who later becomes his love interest.

4. Memorist

Genre(s): Crime, Mystery, Fantasy

This is an interesting plot with many unrevealed secrets and twists at every point. Dong Baek strives to find a killer responsible for a series of murders with his supernatural ability to read memories of other people. He teams up with a criminal profiler Han Sun-mi to solve the cases. As they soothe each other from their troubled memories, they grow closer. But life is not easy for them as the lovers are trapped in the web of the traps set by the heinous killer.

5. Hi Bye, Mama!

Genre(s): Drama, Fantasy

5 years after her death, Cha Yu-ri is given a chance to free herself from the life of a ghost and become a human in 49 days through a reincarnation project. Her husband, Cho Gang-hwa married Oh Min-jung after her death for the sake of their daughter. Cha Yu-ri spends some quality time with her family and brings her husband closer to his second wife. She solves all the trouble of the house. By the end, her daughter addresses Min-jung as mama, and Yu-ri bids an emotional farewell to everyone thus sacrificing herself for her family as dying again was already written in her fate via reincarnation project.

6. Hyena

Genre(s): Legal

An interesting change of events is seen when a competitive lawyer, Jung Geum-ja crosses paths with elite lawyer Yoon Hee-jae. The intelligent minds of the two egoistic and skilled lawyers are shaken when they come across various disturbing cases. Running behind money and always sorting the cases for the rich, the two of them experience immense changes in their lives together with a spark of love.

7. A Piece of Your Mind

Genre(s): Melodrama

A combination of drama and romance spread sweetness when the rich programmer and founder of AH company, Moon Ha-woon falls for a hard-working classical music recording engineer Han Seo-woo. Moon Ha-woon becomes a helping hand for Seo-woo to manage her unstable life. Her positivity and his good heart is what binds them together forever.

8. Flower of Evil

Genre(s): Melodrama, Suspense

Cha Ji-won lives a happy life with her husband Baek Hee-sung and daughter. Little does she know about the terrible and haunting past of her husband. Although they are an ideal family, her life is disrupted as a series of murders gets her to suspect her perfect husband. It is because the secret of her husband is to be revealed. But no matter how harsh the reality is, their love for each other is unbreakable.

9. When the Weather is Fine

Genre(s): Drama, Romance

As Mok Hae-won goes back to Bookhyun village, she comes across her former classmate, Im Eun-seob who is now the owner of a bookstore. Both try to face the harsh realities of the world. As the friendship deepens, they find themselves as great pacifiers for each other. Slow and steady, the wounds of past are healed and the flower of love blooms.

10. When My Love Blooms

Genre(s): Melodrama, Romance

Fate separates two university sweethearts Han Jae-hyun and Yoon Ji-soo who meet in their 40s after years. Jae-hyun is now a successful businessperson while Ji-soo lives a troubled life as a single parent. Will the past love memories bring them together again? Will destiny complete the love story this time and let the lovers unite?


The dramas of 2020 had been a great entertaining session for people. A whole range of new and exciting plots was introduced that let the people travel through the kingdom of mixed emotions. These dramas will surely take time to get out of people’s minds but the audience is dying to watch new plots as well. A lot is hidden in the store of K-industry.



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