Aitebaar – Episode 10 Story

Below is the episode 10 story of the drama Aitebaar that was aired on 28 March 2022 on Hum TV.

Parisa rushes to the hospital to see Hina. Shiza is annoyed with her mother-in-law who does not allow her to visit her best friend, Hina. Bilal bursts onto her like a volcano when she tries to speak rudely to his mother while unintentionally pushing her to the ground. In the hospital, Bilal experiences strong emotions of distress after losing his baby while his mother plays a facade lying about the cause of Shiza’s miscarriage to her mother.

After gaining consciousness, Hina unravels the truth to Parisa about Malik Jahangir who threatened to destroy her life if she carries on with the case. Parisa is forced to give a statement revoking her previous allegation against Malik Jahangir. Asfand reprimands his father over his immoral deeds. Shehryar fumes with anger after watching Parisa’s latest statement. Shiza is disappointed with Parisa for not holding her stand.

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