Amanat Episode 18 Story

Amanat – Episode 18 Story

Below is the episode 18 story of the drama ‘Amanat‘ that was aired on 25 January 2022.

The female doctor reveals the news of Meher’s pregnancy to her aunt. Junaid is confessing his sorrows to his friend Laiba. His father sees them together and takes him back home. The whole family interrogates him about his whereabouts the previous night. Raheel barges in and demands for Junaid to divorce his sister. Junaid is on the verge of fulfilling Raheel’s wish when Samra intervenes. She pleads to her brother not to divorce his wife. Otherwise, her own marriage shall be ruined as well. Due to the depression, Samra falls unconscious and is moved to the hospital.

Malik Furqan is bent on cutting all ties with Zarrar and his family. He’s also of the mind to throttle Meher’s child before birth. That way, he can marry her again while she’s still young. Laiba suggests Junaid to divorce Zunaira and end his suffering. She also tells him to move to the UK with her and let her father solve his every problem. Zunaira’s emotional dramas continue throughout the episode.

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