Bebaak Episode 1_3 Story

Bebaak – Episode 1~3 Story

Below is the story of episodes 1~3 of the drama “Bebaak” that were aired on 08-Dec-2021 ~ 10-Dec-2021.

Meesam lives with his mother, elder brother Asad, sister-in-law, and his niece. The family is prosperous where they live in harmony with each other. Meanwhile, Wafa lives with her father, Sharafat who gambles all day long while eating on the hard-earned money of his wife Nafeesa. Her brother, Junaid is a mechanic while the little sister Areeba has abandoned her studies due to family matters and stays at home.

Wafa’s father once lost a bet with her as the stake and so married her off to Nafeesa’s nephew, Farhad as a solution. Wafa is a very mean and selfish girl who schemes deeply on how to use others as stepping stones in order to reach her goals. She goes to university on a study scholarship. At the university, she acts like a rich maiden and hides her family background. Her husband, Farhad is smitten in her love and foolish enough to be a running dog for her. Coincidentally, Farhad works as a driver under Asad, Meesam’s brother.

Meesam falls in love with Wafa who’s dreaming of taking a shortcut to riches by marrying into a well-off family. Another girl, Shizza also loves Meesam but he considers her only a friend. Each day, Farhad does a pick and drop for Wafa at the university while driving cars from his boss’s garage. Junaid is irritated by Farhad living like a servant of his own wife which often leads the two siblings into a bickering session with each other. Sharafat, who lives and breathes for money, always stands on Wafa’s in everyday family matters as she often bribes him with money.

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