Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 3 & 4 Review

Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 3 & 4 Review – Overwhelming emotions

This week’s content of Dhoop Ki Deewar was filled with emotions and drama as two opposing characters, Sara and Vishal finally connected with each other. Families taking advantage of their own, children filled with rage, and widowed mothers figuring out life, is the crux of this week’s episodes. 

Story Episode 3 & 4 – Dhoop Ki Deewar 

Sara’s grandparents fall ill due to stress. Sara’s paternal aunts, Ayesha and Rabia, visit and their mother tells them that Amna, Sara’s mother, might move to her brother’s house. And, therefore, Sara’s grandparents wish to be settled with Ayesha and Rabia. Rabia doesn’t respond to her mother but talks to Amna about staying put in their current house. Rabia informs Amna that neither she nor Ayesha can keep their parents, so Amna should stop thinking selfishly. She also adds that she’ll fix Sara’s marriage with her son Zubair, as this will relieve Amna’s burden, while Sara overhears this conversation. 

Vishal takes responsibility for his younger sisters and takes them to school. His friends invite him for a trip and he refuses because he has to fulfill some family duties. Later, Vishal plays his guitar to release some angst when his mother storms in and scolds him for being insensitive. Vishal and his mother lock themselves in their respective rooms and cry. Witnessing all of this, Vishal’s grandmother asks Vishal to show her mother, Sunanda, to a doctor. Sunanda overhears and starts yelling at her mother-in-law, and then accuses her for being a constant barrier between her and Vijay during their married life. Vishal controls his mother, but she tells him to always choose her over everybody else. Vishal consoles his crying grandmother and promises to live with her. Moreover, Vishal messages Sara on Facebook and asks her how she’s doing. Sara replies that she isn’t doing well and after hearing about her marriage talk, she tells Vishal that she wants to commit suicide. Vishal calls Sara and the two quarrel. Later on, Vishal shares with Sara that his mother is on antidepressants and seeks help from her. Vishal’s aunt, Pratibha and her husband, Anurag plan to exploit Vishal’s grandmother by giving them their share. They call Sunanda and ask her to talk to Vishal’s grandmother to give them their share. Sunanda advises Pratibha to take away Vishal’s grandmother, but the husband-wife fights with Sunanda and tells her not to be selfish. Vishal hears the fight and intervenes, and also tells his aunt that he’ll talk to his grandmother for them. 

Review Episode 3 & 4 – Dhoop Ki Deewar 

Quality Content 

For a web series, Dhoop Ki Deewar has done a good job as far as the content is concerned. From acting to direction, to storyline to authenticity, this series has it all. So far, all aspects of the season are playing out beautifully and would appeal to a larger audience base. Especially whenever any story is linked to armed forces, directors and producers must always tread carefully, in the Pakistani Media Industry. Having dealt with controversy prior to its release, I’m sure Haseeb Hassan must have sat down with the editors and made sure to package this content accordingly. We can get down to the nitty-gritty now.

Emotional Storyline 

The new episode’s following the initial two episodes brought about a rather overwhelming feeling. In this week’s episodes, both characters Sara and Vishal come to a path where they both feel empathy for each other. Despite being border-crossed enemies, the two individuals recognize their similarities. This series actually reminded me of a famous Bollywood movie, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna. A production of Karan Johar, the film presented two strangers connecting with each other based on the similarity of their circumstances. Likewise, the connection between Sara and Vishal was similar in nature. Suffering from the death of their respective fathers, being the eldest with younger siblings, and confused mothers, the two showed much struggle. For instance, Vishal tries to get rid of his rage by playing the guitar and is scolded by his mother for being insensitive. Not only did I see something very real, but I could also relate to the lack of understanding brown parents have with their children, especially teenagers.


As far as Pakistani content goes, the media industry has come a long way in drama, serial, and web series production. Viewers can witness quality content that is aesthetically appealing and contains the reality of life and society. Maybe, that is the real trick to creating buzz-worthy content, ‘Make it Life-like’. Because, what the viewers can see in Dhoop Ki Deewar, is exactly what happens with our teenagers, parents, and relatives in real life. For instance, as the two families lose their father figures, relatives start circling around for their shares in the property. Moreover, none of the remaining children prefer to share the responsibility of catering to their old parents, i.e. Vishal and Sara’s grandparents. Such a depiction of reality in a short span of time was a great touch. After all, the best content is one that has the ability to evoke emotions from its viewers, and this week’s episodes did that for me.

Let’s get to the social norms of our Pakistani society as well. Indeed, there was a time when women were seen as a mere burden, however, now they’re seen as assets waiting to be invested. Coming from an army background Sara never would have perceived that she’d get married to her cousin based on the sole fact that she’s a burden on the family. But, her paternal aunt, Rabia, seized the opportunity and labeled Sara as betrothed as soon as her father died. The only factor she used to convince Sara’s mother was that this is Rabia’s way of helping her out, and easing her burden. Indeed, a disappointment at most, yet a sad reality at the same time. However, later in the series, this could turn out to be Rabia’s scheme to take over whatever funds and perks come Sara’s way. Moreover, all the aunts and uncles keep mentioning to both grieving families that they’ll get a lot of governmental assistance. Therefore, this gives these people the right to be selfish. These small incidents imply that such relatives don’t have the heart to be sensitive. Rather, they’re thinking about themselves and taking advantage of the situation.

Skillful Acting 

Needless to say, everyone knows Sajal Ali and the fact that she’s a great actor. Sajal Ali has worked on multiple Pakistani projects and has also worked with one of the top known Bollywood actors of all time, Sri Devi, in the 2017 Bollywood Thriller, ‘Mom’. I guess such an experience can take an actor a long way, i.e. why there is much conviction in Sajal’s acting. Sara isn’t an intense character. She’s a very simple girl and it seems difficult to play simple roles while giving a memorable performance. Coming to the second-star cast member, Ahad Raza Mir; his depiction of Vishal seems fairly brilliant. The good part is that he isn’t overdoing his role. Whether it’s the case of aggression, confusion, or happiness, he seems genuine. And, I’m a big fan of genuinity. A word of advice to the actors and director is that they might want to tone down the emotion. Maybe it’s just me, but these episodes have become quite overwhelming. But, then, so is this issue of the Indo-Pak conflict; an overwhelming situation.

The Anticipating Factor

 It’ll be fair to claim that so far the viewers have only witnessed emotional content and drama in the series. As much as viewers may be anticipating what’s coming next, they’ll be hoping to witness some form of twist or something rather exciting. Sarah getting stuck with marrying her cousin and confessing to Vishal that she’s thinking about committing suicide, is rather interesting, but maybe some of us are always greedy for more. Therefore, let’s keep our fingers crossed for the upcoming episodes, as they’ll reveal Vishal and Sara’s journey.

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