Neeli Zinda Hai Episode 7 Review – Wishful Thinking

This week’s episode didn’t meet the expectations, yet presented some sweet surprises. After all, every director has his own way of keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. And, so far this production has been full of interesting cliffhangers. This episode didn’t necessarily reveal anything about Neeli’s past but revealed Neeli as a […]

Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 3 & 4 Review

This week’s content of Dhoop Ki Deewar was filled with emotions and drama as two opposing characters, Sara and Vishal finally connected with each other. Families taking advantage of their own, children filled with rage, and widowed mothers figuring out life, is the crux of this week’s episodes.  Story Episode 3 & 4 – Dhoop Ki […]

Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 1 & 2 Review

Another emotional and chilling depiction of the long-pitched Indo-Pak’s war takes the screen, in the form of a web series, Dhoop Ki Deewar. For years the Pakistani and Indian Industries have brought about creations surrounding the Indo-Pak war. In the form of the war and Kashmir issue, the never-ending wrath between the two nations, their […]

Neeli Zinda Hai Episode 6 Review – Intriguing Instances

So here goes; this week’s episode brought about a sudden intriguing angle to the storyline. So far viewers have witnessed paranormal episodes and the unknown attachment between a spirit-like being and a girl. But, it gets rather interesting from here on as the purpose behind all the unfolding events gets revealed. Story Episode 6 – […]

Neeli Zinda Hai Review Episode 5

So here goes; this week’s episode was a simple addition to the storyline. There was smooth progress throughout the episode with fewer jeepers creepers in contrast to the previous episodes. Several paranormal activities took place which unfolded the series of horrific events the viewers had been anticipating since the beginning. Story Episode 5 – Neeli […]

Neeli Zinda Hai Review Episode 4

So here goes; this week’s episode paved the way for the plot to unfold and start making sense. Considering how the last episode ended with some loose knots, this week’s episode makes more sense in real-time. This episode was the beginning of many firsts and astonishingly, it advanced rather quickly. This episode will be a […]

Neeli Zinda Hai Review-3

So here goes; this week’s episode brings a revealing stage into the long-awaited plot for Neeli Zinda Hai. This episode turned out to answer a few questions and further complicate some unanswered ones. Whether it is the characters or the storyline, this episode acted as a spotlight; highlighting some aspects and shadowing the other ones. […]

Neeli Zinda Hai Review-2

This episode helped us further familiarize ourselves with the nature of its characters and storyline. Everybody loves a good plot and half of the fun from watching dramas comes with the experience and familiarity. This episode was a great catch for anyone looking to get hooked for the entire season as this episode has led […]

Neeli Zinda Hai Review-1

When it comes to the Pakistani drama industry, leaving a mark in the thriller and horror genre, is a tough task. Neeli Zinda Hai; an ARY production written by Adeel Razzaq, aired its pilot episode on 20th May 2021. Directed by Qasim Ali Mureed, the first episode shed light on the life of Aman, Sumbal, […]

Qarar - Story & Review (Episode 7)

Well, here comes the next episode where Fareeha and Ammar cry at their destiny that bound them into a forced marriage. Maya fights with Salman for caring more about his first wife but he assures her how precious she is to him. Fareeha’s colleague comes to meet her and asks about her wedding gift. Fareeha […]

Qarar - Story & Review (Episode 5-6)

In the last episode we watched how Maya was so impressed with the wealth and luxurious life of Salman, and she was so satisfied when he told her that she will be the sole owner of his entire property. She felt that her dreams will come true soon. The story continues with a track in […]

Qarar - Story & Review (Episode 3-4)

I believe all of us were thrilled with previous episodes of Hum TV’s drama ‘Qarar’ and had been waiting for the next ones eagerly. Well, finally the new episodes were aired and we see the drama moving at a good pace. Let us give you a ride to episodes 3 and 4. Story – Qarar […]

Qarar - Story & Review (Episode 1)

Hum TV aired a new drama ‘Qarar‘ with an interesting plot on 8th Nov 2020. Let’s take a peek into the story and give you a brief review of the first episode. The first episode’s center of attraction was Maya and her dreams. It tells about her personality and what kind of person she actually […]

Tarap episode 3&4 review

Sadia opposes her brother’s wish to marry Zunaira. Rabia meets an unfortunate end to her unpleasant relationship. Laeeq gets closer to Zunaira. After the introductory episodes, it is the time for some real action as the tone of the drama has been set. Tarap does not let you bored as the stunning story of the […]

Tarap Episode 2 Review

This episode focused on the deteriorating relationship between two couples (Adil & his wife and Laeeq & Faiqa). While Zunaira tries to publish her debut novel. The episode 2 of HUM TV drama Tarap went on air on 05-April-2020 and it proved a captivating one owing to its interesting story. So far, we have witnessed […]

Meherposh Episode 1

The viewers were impatiently waiting for the first episode of Geo TV’s Meherposh featuring Danish Taimoor and Ayeza Khan. The wait finally ended on Friday, April 03, 2020, at 2000 hrs when episode 1 went on air. The drama is written by Misbah Nausheen, directed by Mazhar Moin, and produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad […]

Tarap Episode 1 Review

The opening episode of the drama mainly revolved around the exposition of Adil’s family. Being a strict police officer, he wants to run his house according to some set rules and regulations. However, this brings some dissent in the house. HUM TV came up with another drama Tarap on 29-Mar-2020 which revolves around the family […]

Muqaddar - Episode 04

Geo TV ‘Muqaddar’ has entrapped the audience with the brilliant performances by its star cast especially of Faysal Quraishi who portrays the character of Sardar Saif quite brilliantly. In the below lines are the story and a short review of episode 4 which was aired on 09 Mar 2020. Story In the ominous darkness of […]

Muqaddar - Episode 03

Here is the story and review of episode 3 of Geo TV drama ‘Muqaddar’ which was aired on 02 Mar 2020. Story Saif refuses to reveal the reason behind his turbulence. Maha also learns about Haris’s departure for Bhurban and Haris does not let slip the opportunity to tease Raima again. While Arshad and Bilqees […]

Geo Drama Muqaddar Episode 2

Here is the story and review of episode 2 of Geo TV drama ‘Muqaddar’ which was aired on 24 Feb 2020. Story Saad returns home and Farkhanda is anxious to find her son ill. Later, she admires Raima for her audacious style of interview. Saif recalls the way she interviewed him and terms himself a […]


Here is the story and review of episode 1 of Geo TV drama ‘Muqaddar’ which was aired on 17 Feb 2020. Story The drama unfolds with the introduction of a happy family where Raima is residing with her maternal uncle’s family since she lost her own parents long ago. She seems in love with her […]

Story – Meray Paas Tum Ho Last Episode Monty comes to meet Danish and conveys Mehwish’s message who requested to meet him. Danish gives the ring to Roomi which Hania had previously given him signifying that he no more thinks about her. Then he goes to meet Mehwish. Roomi informs Hania that Danish is out […]

Ghalati Episode 5

Here is the story of episode 5 of ARY Digital TV drama ‘Ghalati‘ which was aired on 16 Jan 2020. Story Zaitoon reacts strongly over Saad’s demands and teases her son by pretending to do the house chores herself. Her tirade against the innocent Zaira goes on as she sees every evil in her. While […]

Ghalati Episode 4

Here is the story and review of episode 4 of ARY Digital TV drama ‘Ghalati‘ which was aired on 09 Jan 2020. Story Zaira complains about Zaitoon’s mistreatment towards her but he demands her to ignore these petty matters since the mother is worried due to troubling circumstances. Zaira thinks that Zaitoon is taking revenge […]

Ghalati Episode 3

Here is the story and review of episode 3 of ARY Digital TV drama ‘Ghalati‘ which was aired on 02 Jan 2020. Story Saad and Zaira start their new life in the old house. Saad wished to go abroad for the honeymoon but is helpless in the present circumstances. But Zaira is happy and both […]

Ghalati Episode 2

Here is the story and review of episode 2 of ARY Digital TV drama ‘Ghalati‘ which was aired on 26 Dec 2019. Story Nafeesa regrets her decision of marrying Zaira in such a greedy family. She is not willing to accept Zaitoon’s behavior. Shabbir is calm and thinks of a solution. Zaira then complains that […]

Ghalati episode 1 review

Here is the story and review of episode 1 of ARY Digital TV drama ‘Ghalati‘ which was aired on 19 Dec 2019. Story The drama starts when Saad returns from Singapore with gifts for all his family members. His sisters; Aliya and Maira eagerly check out the gifts. The elder and married sister; Aliya complains […]

Mere Paas Tum Ho 14

The story has shifted from Danish-Mehwish-Shewaar trio to a battle for Roomi. New characters are appearing with the passage of every episode. We get more detail about Hania and how she familiarizes with Danish after reading her late father’s diary. Let us start the review of episode 14 of ARY Digital drama ‘Mere Paas Tum […]

Mere Paas Tum Ho Episode 13

We are here with the review of ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho’ episode 13. In the coming lines, I will try to briefly explain the story of the episode and then will review it. The departure of Mehwish has left Danish astray. He is going through a crucial period of his derailed life. He needs a […]