Neeli Zinda Hai Episode 6 Review – Intriguing Instances

Neeli Zinda Hai: Episode 6 Review – Intriguing Instances

So here goes; this week’s episode brought about a sudden intriguing angle to the storyline. So far viewers have witnessed paranormal episodes and the unknown attachment between a spirit-like being and a girl. But, it gets rather interesting from here on as the purpose behind all the unfolding events gets revealed.

Story Episode 6 – Neeli Zinda Hai

Sumbal stops Aman and tries to show her the bloodstain on her bedsheet. However, when she opens up the sheet there is no bloodstain, so Aman goes to the psychiatrist to discuss Sumbal’s mental health. The psychiatrist tells Aman that Sumbal’s subconscious mind is doubtful about him leaving her alone again, i.e. why she is presumably seeing mysterious figures. Hence, Aman gives some pills to Sumbal and she gets offended.

Earlier that day, Sumbal sees a crying baby again while Neeli observes her. Later on, Minal goes to get food and Nagina scolds her. Neeli sees this and gives Minal food and takes her to a closed storeroom. Neeli explains to Minal that she died thirty years ago and since then no one has spoken to her because everyone is afraid of her. She also tells Minal that she’ll call her Mannu from now on, the same name as her own daughter. Nagina spots Minal playing alone and Neeli levitates Nagina in the air which freaks her out. However, when Sumbal asks, she lies and later on, goes to see Dilawar.

Mehrbano continues to fall prey to the Baba who tells her that he has sent some forces to conquer Sumbal’s evil black magic. He gives Mehrbano a talisman stating its powers would bring Aman back on track. Aman comes to visit and Mehrbano finally meets him happily. She gives Aman tea with something mixed in and Faheem sees. Later, he confronts Mehrbano and tells her to stop all her nonsense or he’ll tell Aman everything. As everyone sleeps, Neeli looks at her old trunk of clothes and remembers her wedding night. She gets married to Pervaiz but on the night of her wedding, there is another man present in her room whose advances scare Neeli.

Review Episode 6 – Neeli Zinda Hai

I believe that an episode like this one was long due. Firstly, let’s get to the juicy bits of this episode’s storyline. The plot is slowly unfolding and it would excite any viewer to be a loyal follower of this series after this episode. Neeli reveals to Minal the reason behind her obsession and affection towards her. If it’s any consolation, I made a calculated guess that Neeli had probably lost a daughter. But, the twist I didn’t see coming was the events that took place on Neeli’s wedding night. Neeli feeling agitated and shocked that she actually got married to Pervaiz is still a mystery to me. However, this time’s cliffhanger beat the rest of all. I am eagerly waiting for next week’s episode to know the nature of this unknown man’s relationship with Neeli. Moreover, his creepy advances towards Neeli were a head-turner for sure.

As the series goes by, intriguing instances continue to present themselves. Whether it may be the case of Mehrbano’s belief in the charlatan baba, the deception of Nagina, the events in Neeli’s past, or where her obsession with Minal may take her; at every corner, we find something new and interesting. Excitement will continue to build for the next episode in the hopes that some truth will be revealed about Neeli’s wedding night, and how she actually died. But what will happen, only time will tell.

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