Meray Paas Tum Ho Last Episode – Story & Review

Story – Meray Paas Tum Ho Last Episode

Monty comes to meet Danish and conveys Mehwish’s message who requested to meet him. Danish gives the ring to Roomi which Hania had previously given him signifying that he no more thinks about her. Then he goes to meet Mehwish. Roomi informs Hania that Danish is out for meeting Mehwish.

Monty meets Danish

Shewaar leaves the house to return to his old house. He repents his actions and admits his mistakes of ruining Danish’s happiness. However, he refuses to accept that he tainted Mehwish rather terms herself a culprit who got blinded by money. Afterward, he gives Maham the right to separate. Maham too refuses to forgive his faults and resolves to divorce.

Danish meets Mehwish and makes him realize her mistake. He confesses that he is still unable to forget her. Though he has forgiven her, she still captures his thoughts. At last, he resolves to go away and that he never ever will come back, not even in her dreams. Then he suffers a heart attack before leaving Mehwish’s house but forbids her to even touch him since she has lost that privilege. He is brought to the hospital where he summons Roomi. Danish admits that his father used to come to his dreams often and took care of his daily matters. He affirms to Roomi that from now on, he will come in his dreams and dies. Roomi returns the ring to Hania and informs her that Papa will now come in my dreams.


Danish’s confession that he is still unable to forget Mehwish’s thought is an affirmation that he has no way forward. Whatever way he chooses will only bring more agony to his life, let it be Hania or Mehwish. If he chooses Hania, he will not be able to do justice to this relation since old previous memories will always perturb him. Choosing Mehwish is too out of option since he has already divorced her. He proved his capabilities that yes he had the potential to become rich if he wanted to but he chose love. Now in the absence of such a love, money cannot replace the bliss he had in his life.

That was the end of the much-hyped drama ‘Meray Paas Tum Ho‘ whose last episode was waited with much zeal and curiosity.

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