Neeli Zinda Hai Episode 7 Review – Wishful Thinking

Neeli Zinda Hai: Episode 7 Review – Wishful Thinking

This week’s episode didn’t meet the expectations, yet presented some sweet surprises. After all, every director has his own way of keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. And, so far this production has been full of interesting cliffhangers. This episode didn’t necessarily reveal anything about Neeli’s past but revealed Neeli as a whole to some of the characters. Thus, there is far more to come and there’s a long way to go. 

Story Episode 7 – Neeli Zinda Hai 

Neeli recalls her wedding night with Pervaiz, and that a random man makes advances towards her. Nagina tries to trap Neeli by using the pins that Dilwar gave her and she ends up screaming in her sleep. Aman hears Nagina screaming and wakes her up. Nagina continues to scream so Aman ends up slapping her into reality. Sumbal wakes up too and hears from Nagina about a female spirit in the house. Sumbal confronts Aman who explains that Nagina was having a fit in her dream and decides to throw her out of the house but Sumbal saves her, instead. The next day, Nagina tells Sumbal that Minal sees the female spirit, so Sumbal tries to confirm. Sumbal makes Minal count all the members present in their house and Minal counts Neeli amongst them. As Sumbal freaks out, Neeli shows herself to Sumbal, then destroys things in the study and locks Sumbal upstairs with Minal. Aman unlocks the door and finds Sumbal unconscious. She reacts after waking up and Aman tells her to take the doctor’s medicine. Later on, Aman’s father and sister come to visit and Aliya asks Sumbal the reason behind her sadness, but she doesn’t say anything. Meanwhile, Aman’s plot gets disputed and he goes to settle it.

Review Episode 7 – Neeli Zinda Hai

Expected to be a look into Neeli’s past, this week’s episode turned out to be a flatline, instead. As far as Neeli and her past goes, nothing was revealed. When last week’s episode ended on such a high note, I assumed that something interesting was bound to unfold during this week’s episode. However, the situation wasn’t like that at all. It turned out that Neeli was merely having a flashback of her previous life whilst staring at Sumbal, Aman, and Minal sleeping in her former bedroom. From what Neeli has shown so far, I was quite surprised when she revealed herself to Sumbal. Minal didn’t necessarily tell Sumbal about Neeli. Rather, when Sumbal was making Minal count about the number of people residing in her house, Neeli specifically guided Minal to count her too. And as she did, Neeli revealed herself. 

Signature Acting

I’d rather this week’s opinion not be subjected to criticism only. Firstly, I was holding onto the edge of my seat as Minal revealed that Neeli, too, lives in their house. Sumbal’s acting was great especially when she tries to convince Aman. Secondly, another thing that deserves applause is Neeli’s body language. Dressed in traditional attire with a white dusted creepy face, I’ve observed Neeli’s body language to be fairly unique. There is a certain way as to how she carries her arms and leaves her wrists almost lifeless which is rather unique. This may be a minute detail that most viewers may not have noticed, but it’s worth commending. Just like every character has a signature style or something to be remembered by, Neeli will always be the eerie character for me based on her hand movements and gestures.  

Don’t Expect Anything

From what I’ve learned from viewing this season is, not to expect anything. This is quite a difficult thing to do, especially when a viewer may be hooked. But, there is definitely an upside to not expecting anything. It’ll provide more room to appreciate what one actually sees. For instance, I expected to see something related to Neeli’s past, and when that didn’t happen, I became disappointed. But, hey, maybe that’s just me. So, my advice, for the time being, is to give room for this production to grow. Who knows what more will come in the next few weeks. After all, wishful thinking isn’t always negative.

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