Below is the story of episodes 40 & 41 of the drama ‘Dour‘ aired on 22~23 November 2021.

Yasmin and Asma move on in life and resume their father’s puppet show. They patch their relationship with Kulsoom and Yasmin rekindles her romance with Adil.

Rehmat baba requests Asma to stand by Romaan as the upcoming truth will be bitter to handle. Romaan is taken aback to find that Mrs. Ihtisham captured his property. The man reveals the past to Romaan about how Mrs. Ihtisham killed his parents and misused the power of attorney. 

Romaan goes to Mrs. Ihtisham and has an emotional conversation with her. He hugs and kisses her forehead calling her a mother. He makes her remember their childhood memories. Mrs. Ihtisham feels guilty and realizes how she always loved Romaan.

Asma comes back to Romaan and they both wish to start afresh. Mrs. Ihtisham shares her pain with Abaan and falls dead while crying. Romaan is shattered. He and Asma move back to the house.

Abaan realizes his mistakes and everyone starts living as a family. Soon, Abaan is able to walk after his treatment through Romaan and Asma’s help. Adil and Yasmin too enjoy their happy married life with Hania. 

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