Below is the story of episodes 13 & 14 of the dramaNehar that were aired on 20 & 21 Jun 2022 on Hum TV.

Episode 13 Story

Kabir borrows money from his friends and arrives at Komal’s in-law’s house to give Mazhar a cheque worth seventeen lac rupees. Seeing the cheque, Mazhar and Ishrat flip out and humiliate Kabir for being a miser who does not care for his daughter and unborn grandchild. 

Anmol loses her cool after she discovers that Arsalan is jobless and that her mother-in-law lied about him earning a smart salary. She does not resist and makes it clear to Zohra that her father will no longer feed them, leaving Zohra flabbergasted. Zohra rushes to Kabir and criticizes him and Ghazala for bringing up a disobedient daughter. 

Komal runs away from the house after she overhears her mother-in-law conspiring to kill her unborn child. She comes to her parents and explains to them the entire situation, leaving everyone concerned. Mazhar calls Kabir and informs him about his daughter’s escape, condemning her for going to her ex-fiance. 

Episode 14 Story

Ghazala berates Komal for taking such a bold step and asks her to develop patience in her attitude. Zohra asks Kabir to send Komal back but he does not agree as he cannot tolerate Mazhar calling his daughter characterless. This infuriates Zohra and she sets a condition to take Anmol along only if Komal returns back. Seeing her in-law’s immoral behavior, Anmol asks Arsalan not to take the car with him as it belongs to her.

Erum fumes with anger after seeing her mother return without Anmol as this action can harm her relationship with Adeel. Seeing Anmol suffering, Adeel asks her to leave Arsalan and come back to him. She becomes enraged and slates him for realizing it too late and letting her go in the first place. Kabir applies for early retirement to gain retirement benefits in order to help Mazhar start a business. 

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