What's New on Pakistani TV Week 07

What’s New on Pakistani TV (Weekly Roundup 07-2022)

Here is our weekly update containing stories of the dramas that went on air the previous week. As usual, Sinf-e-Aahan, Sang-e-Mah, and Mere Humsafar remained on top. Jo Bichar Gaye continues to be underrated as the show has failed to capture audience eyeballs. In Bisaat, Jahanzaib decides to divorce Afreen as she refuses to be a part of his plan. Ibn-e-Hawwa is a new addition to the list where Zahid’s disgust for women is brewing something malicious. Ishq e Laa remained somewhat lackluster as Azlan still seeks ways to avenge his wife’s death. 

1. Sinf-e-Aahan (Ep 12)

Air Date: 12-Feb-2022

Pariwesh writes to her father about worrying if Saradar has hurt their family and the money she is saving to pay the debt to take back their land from Sardar. LCs are practicing target shooting. Pariwesh recalls target shooting balloons with her father. She hits the target perfectly at training. Nathmy recalls target shooting with her father as a child and then her father on the ground injured. Nathmy tells Rabia that her father was martyred in a terrorist suicide attack. Major Usama recalls his friend writing wishes for his girlfriend (Kiran) in many languages. He brings home flowers and cake for Kiran’s birthday. Kiran is upset when Usama accidentally mentions a thing of the past. She tells him she will talk to him when she fully accepts the death. LCs practice for the saluting test. Arzoo writes to her mother that she is sending money home to pay rent and tells about the equality in religions at PMA.

2. Sang-e-Mah (Ep 06)

Air Date: 13-Feb-2022

Harshaali, a twenty years old fiance of Mastaan, asks him to meet his father, Hakeem Guru Baksh, who is on his deathbed. Guru Baksh takes a vow from him that Mastaan will marry Harshaali before Guru Baksh passes away. Sheherzaad seeks Marjaan’s nod for a longer stay in Laspiran. Villagers discuss how the issue will be resolved. Hikmat tells Sheherzaad that he wants Zarsanga to go and talk to Hilmand. Hilmand learns about the death of Guru Baksh who was his biggest proof. The tribal leaders recall how Zarghuna had threatened them at Asad Ullah’s council, by keeping her head uncovered, until she gets justice. Marjaan recalls asking for a deadly poison from Guru Baksh. Zarghuna doesn’t allow Gul Meena to go to Guru Baksh’s funeral and reminds her that Mastaan is the murderer of Asad Ullah. Gul Meena argues that Mastaan is still serving his punishment. Hilmand vows to punish Marjaan for his father’s murder. While Marjaan decides to call the council regarding Hilmand’s accusations.

3. Jo Bichar Gaye (Ep 10)

Air Date: 13-Feb-2022

Farrukh leads the operation to disarm the Bengali rebel troops according to Col. Fakhar’s battle strategies. Meanwhile, Captain Siddiq surrounds Dhaka University where blood-shed occurs. Roomi manages to locate Haroon who has almost become mentally deranged. They try to escape from a secret passageway but Ajit blocks their way while leaving himself. No time to dwell on Ajit’s betrayal, the two of them make a run for it. Haroon is hot dead while they’re trying to climb over a gate. Farrukh succeeds in disarming the rebel troops. East Pakistan Rifles (a special police force) rebels since the vast majority of members in it are Bengalis. In the Bogra district of Santahar, 15000+ citizens were butchered mercilessly. Atrocities such as forcing women to drink the blood of their own children became a common sight. More than 10,000 commoners (including women and children) had their bodies penetrated by bayonet knives. 350+ women and kids were cooked alive while held captive in a blazing hall. An entire batch of more than 2000 families was slain in Mymensingh. The women got raped and later killed after being forced into digging their own graves. Salahuddin kills the wretched leader of rebel workers. He then leads a final charge against the armed Bengali citizens along with a few companions. Farrukh becomes numb after counting the innumerable corpses as well as hearing of Haroon’s death.

4. Bisaat (Ep 12)

Air Date: 13-Feb-2022

Noor miraculously wakes up from the coma. Jahanzaib is about to reveal his secret to his mother but Afreen diverts the topic and lies about the situation. Kinza continues with her lies of pregnancy. Noor mentions a thing or two about marrying Sania soon enough. The latter becomes shy and leaves. Jahanzaib fails to convince Afreen into being a part of his wretched plan. She suggests for him to seek treatment which instead makes him angry. He claims how he isn’t stupid enough to have never tried before. Murtaza tries persuading Afreen into accepting Jahanzaib’s plan but to no avail. Jahanzaib despairs and decides to leave. He transfers some property in Murtaza’s name as well as he decides to divorce Afreen. Later, they leave for a farmhouse stay while Jahanzaib prepares the divorce documents. Sofia calls Jahanzaib and declares her craving to see him soon. 

5. Aitebaar (Ep 04)

Air Date: 14-Feb-2022

Parisa is immersed in sorrow at having to leave her home. Fareeha is irritated at her sister-in-law’s arrival and warns her husband to let his sister buzz off within two days. The groom’s family raises questions regarding Hamza’s absence at the wedding. Both Parisa and her mother resort to different excuses to cover up the reason. Parisa’s mother keeps spinning lies regarding Parisa and her husband’s situation. Fareeha ridicules her for being stupid since such matters can’t be kept secret forever. The disheartened mother goes to Hamza in hope of convincing him to forget about the past. Hamza remains stubborn which puts the old lady in a desperate situation and so she faints while on the way back. Parisa happens to run across her mother shortly after and takes her to the hospital. Later, Hamza reflects over his mother-in-law’s advice and calls his wife. He then heads towards the hospital after learning how Parisa’s mother has suffered from a heart attack. Bilal is disgusted by witnessing Shiza’s family lying to his face. He becomes doubtful whether his wife has the same bad habit of telling lies. His mother only allows the newly-wed couple to visit the northern areas for their honeymoon since she can’t bear to part with her son for long. Shiza is irritated as Hamza has already prepared tickets for Paris for the two of them. Bilal resorts to a bit of strictness in dealing with Shiza which further worsens her mood.

6. Baddua (Ep 22)

Air Date: 14-Feb-2022

Nazish lies to the family that everything is fine. She requests the doctor not to disclose Abeer’s loss for her sake, or Junaid will divorce Abeer. Nazish promises Abeer to erase the doubts and misunderstandings if she supports her in not disclosing the news. Abeer agrees. Kausar is feeling anxious. Falak learns that she is about to become an aunt. Affan vows to never believe Abeer again. Junaid remains cold-hearted to Abeer. Abeer vows to separate Affan and Neelum. Nazish requests Junaid to take care of Abeer. Falak’s marriage is going to happen in the next 15 days. Aysha aunty does not listen to Nazish, and she promises Abeer she will go again. Ayesha says she will never forgive Abeer. Jibran brings a document to Omair, who is happy seeing it. Abeer meets Omair and tells him all her worries. Junaid and Athar see them, and Junaid slaps her.

7. Aye Musht-e-Khaak (Ep 19~20)

Air Date: 14~15-Feb-2022

Dayaan and Tabeen are successfully married and later leave for Umrah upon Tabeen’s wish. Mustajab keeps persuading Dua into finding a middle way between their varying ideologies. Dua rejects his idiotic offers and refuses to get in touch with him. Shakeela resorts to her favorite emotional manipulation tactics but to no avail. Dua and her family stay firm upon their belief and refuse to budge. They then hand over the divorce papers to the flabbergasted Shakeela. Mustajab tries to cajole Imam Sahb into accepting a grand bribe from him. All he asks for in return is to brainwash Dua into being together with her husband. Imam Sahb smiles at the young man’s height of stupidity and rejects the offer without any hesitation. He then leaves after saying a few words containing deep wisdom but Mustajab remains stubborn. Shakeela instructs her son to fly away to America. Meanwhile, she herself plans to wage a protracted war against Dua’s family in court. Dua refuses to waste all her efforts and attends her exams despite the ongoing drama. Quite surprising, Shakeela saves her faith in the next hearing. As it happens, she fails to spill lies after taking an oath upon the Holy Quran. Mustajab is concocting ideas of vengeance after the court dissolves his marriage with Dua. He drowns himself in wine and dance before Shiza shoulders him back to her house. Shakeela is regretful over her past sins and seeks forgiveness from the Almighty.

8. Amanat (Ep 21)

Air Date: 15-Feb-2022

Meher sneaks out of home but Malik Furqan manages to bring her back home. He and his wife berate their niece for her stupidity before locking her within her room. Meher implores her aunt to help her escape and reveals how her uncle created fake divorce papers through underhanded tactics. Zarrar couldn’t bear to see his sister in despair. He pays a visit to Raheel in his office only to be criticized and then leaves. Laiba reassures Junaid on how all his worries will vanish in thin air after reaching abroad. Meher and her aunt formulate a plan to let her escape. They play an act where Meher becomes sick all of a sudden and is in need of a doctor. Malik Furqan accompanies them but is forced to leave midway as his son Qaiser’s condition worsens. The doctors announce their inability to save Qaiser and so Malik Furqan becomes childless. He and his wife grieve for the loss of their only child. Meher consoles her aunt at this difficult moment. Junaid’s parents question him for abandoning his job. He gives a lengthy speech on having left the job only for a far better opportunity. Later, he proposes to Laiba and suggests marrying before heading abroad. Laiba’s face becomes blessed with a happy smile.

9. Ibn-e-Hawwa (Ep 02)

Air Date: 15-Feb-2022

Zahid is agitated after witnessing female mannequin in his shop. He instructs his men to remove them. Mahjabeen allows the family of a far relative to arrange the marriage of their son in her house. The groom, Ahsan sets his sights on Mahjabeen and her wealth. His first attempt at getting close to her fails after Bi Shabratan intrudes and then shoos him away. They both encounter each other once again on the roof. Ahsan proposes to Mahjabeen despite his wedding celebrations happening downstairs. Mahjabeen prints her hand on Ahsan’s face with a refreshing sound and then leaves immediately. A neighborhood woman gets ill during the wedding. Aliya informs her mother, Bi Shabratan who comes to treat the sick in a hurry. She also swindles a necklace while ‘treating’ the ill. Aliya is amazed at her mother’s shamelessness. Ahsan requests Mahjabeen to keep what happened a secret. Aliya deliberately visits her crush Zahid’s shop but the latter ignores her. He refers her to Shakoor for getting her clothes sewn. Aliya remains stubborn and refuses to allow anybody else to sew her clothes. Naila’s sister-in-law slanders her for stealing from her room. Zahid’s aunt informs him of the fuss and requests him to save Naila from that living hell. Zahid’s father is enraged after seeing his daughter coming back.

10. Dobara (Ep 17)

Air Date: 16-Feb-2022

Affan is driven mad at the thought of his mother marrying a man half her age. He fetches a gun and points it at Mahir. Mahir persuades him how it won’t matter even if he gets killed as Mehru’s name has already been tied to his name. In despair, Affan points the gun at his own head. Mahir makes an attempt to stop Affan from committing suicide. Although he succeeds and Affan is still alive, Mahir himself gets shot in the mess. The ambulance arrives and Mahir is taken to the hospital. His father, Jahangir calls Babar and inquires about the reason for Mahir’s marriage. Babar points out how Mahir married Mehru for her wealth. Later, he calls Mehru and asks for his son. Both Babar and Jahangir rush to the hospital to check up on Mahir. The doctors declare Mahir’s critical conditions and how any outcome is possible. Zameer’s greed awakens as he prays for Mahir to rush off to hell real quick. That way, Affan will be arrested and all of Mehru’s wealth shall belong to him. Affan shifts to Sehar’s place to steer clear of the murder attempt fuss for a while. Mehru and Jahangir are heartbroken at witnessing Mahir’s miserable condition.

11. Ishq-e-Laa (17)

Air Date: 17-Feb-2022

Kanwal and Azka shop for university. Kanwal pays Abid the money for the groceries he had bought. Abid reminds Azka of her promise. Azlan insists the police re-play the CCTV footage again and spots Sher Ali, Arbab Haroon’s driver. The police arrest Sher Ali who denies and claims to be an Uber driver. The police alert Arbab Haroon that he needs to be more careful. Arbab Haroon warns his son to be careful. Sitwat is worried about Azlan pursuing the case. Sher Ali gets bail and is ordered to disappear with his family. Azka starts university and makes friends. Azlan is walking with Shanaya when a spiritual man confronts him and asks to find God in himself. Azlan visits the doctor and wishes that he wants Shanaya in his life even if it’s madness.

12. Mere Humsafar (Ep 08)

Air Date: 17-Feb-2022

Hamza returns home and gets emotional when meeting his family members after years upon years. He brings back a lot of gifts for everybody including Hala. Shah Jahan is irritated at her son’s generosity towards Hala and tries persuading him against it. Hamza remains firm and hands over the gifts to Hala. Later, he plans a family dinner somewhere outside. Shah Jahan stares at Hala with her vulture eyes and so the latter declines the dinner invitation. Hamza then packs a lot of food for Hala and gives it to her after getting back home. Once again, Shah Jahan’s heart aches at witnessing such delicious food being eaten by the miserable fellow. She forces Hala to spit out the food. Later, she announces her plans of marrying Sameen to Hamza. Hamza gets confused at first and later declines his mother’s plans for him. Hala calls Shafaq out of sadness. Her friend is berated by her mother for still talking to the ‘man-stealing witch’. Her father later gives Khurram and his mother the buzz-off notice. Khurram’s mother becomes ill due to excess cold while traveling on his bike. He takes her to the hospital and later requests his friends to point out a suitable apartment for them both.

13. Bebasi (Ep 15)

Air Date: 18-Feb-2022

Mahrukh insults the hell out of Shali for being overly empathetic towards Ifrah. Ifrah lies to Ahmer regarding her head injury. Mahrukh is suspicious of Ifrah for backbiting on her in front of Ahmer and scolds her. Tameezuddin’s co-workers congratulate him for being the father-in-law of their boss. His friend Basharat reveals how a proposal for Neeli has arrived. Tameezuddin is enraged after knowing how these are the same people who abandoned Ifrah on the wedding night. Ishrat convinces her husband in agreeing to the proposal. She is also dissatisfied with Ifrah for not lending them a hand after marrying such a big shot. Sahir writes a letter to Tameezuddin but the latter tears his message apart. Nadia is irritated after her friend praises Ifrah’s beauty. Ahmer explains to Nadia how divorcing Ifrah so soon will have a negative impact on his company. Mahrukh advises Nadia not to delay her marriage with Ahmer. Ahmer takes Ifrah for shopping which further drives Mahrukh crazy.

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