Dour Episode 36 & 37 Story

Dour – Episode 36 & 37 Story

Below is the story of episodes 36 & 37 of the drama ‘Dour‘ aired on 08~09 November 2021.

Mrs. Ihtisham blackmails Yasmin to marry her son in return for Hania. Seeing Abaan being taken into custody, Mrs. Ihtisham breaks all ties with Romaan who then shifts into a new house with Asma and Yasmin. He taunts Abaan for being handicapped and promises karma. Adil meets Hania and tries to save her. Kulsoom requests Yasmin to agree to Mrs. Ihtisham’s demands. 

Yasmin quietly leaves to marry Abaan. Romaan goes berserk in search of Yasmin. Adil brings the police to save Hania. Shaukat falls into a kiln and dies of burning. Romaan is informed about the marriage by his servant and reaches to save Yasmin. She puts a knife on Abaan’s neck to take out information about Hania. Adil arrives and the matter is resolved. Everyone blames Mrs. Ihtisham for her sick games. 

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