What's New on Pakistani TV

What’s New on Pakistani TV (Weekly Roundup 06-2022)

From this week, we are changing our approach to publishing the stories of Pakistani dramas. Instead of publishing individual stories, there will be a “single weekly update” every Saturday that will cover the stories of Pakistani dramas aired in the preceding week. Without much talk, let’s proceed to this week’s update.

1. Sinf-e-Aahan (Ep 11)

Air Date: 05-Feb-2022

Mahjabeen writes a letter wondering how to address her both parents in the same letter. LCs receive training for the leopard crawl. Everyone struggles but Nathmy is doing well. Sumaiyya talks to her husband Ibrahim about Kiran avoiding her. She recalls all the time she spent with Kiran, the wedding till the birth of her daughter, and is upset over her behavior. Shaista writes to her grandmother. Rabia finds out that Nathmy understands and speaks Urdu well. Nathmy requests Major Samiya she wants to contact her father’s friend, Mujahid Saleem, who was a cadet at PMA along with her father. Kiran comes across an army outfit, tagged Taimoor, and a photograph of them as a couple. Rabia sends a letter to her brother Daniyal, expressing how she misses him the most. The cadets are failing drills and salute. Major Usama recalls his own time, learning salute and being punished with Taimoor.

2. Sang-e-Mah (Ep 05)

Air Date: 06-Feb-2022

Hilmand is talking to his father’s grave that he alone will take revenge from Marjaan Khan. Hikmat tells Hilmand that he and Gul Meena love each other and Hilmand has usurped his right. Hilmand considers it a lie. Hawal Khan drops off Sheherzaad till the highway but she returns to Laspiran. Zarghuna feels that the destruction of Marjaan Khan’s family is ordered from Allah. Villagers believe that Hilmand took Sabz Ali’s revenge. Sheherzaad goes to Zarghuna’s house to help them give a voice but they refuse her, saying they don’t need their voice to be heard. Marjaan Khan advises Sheherzaad not to publish anything about Ghag. She insists on publishing the truth until Marjaan Khan tells her that Hilmand is his stepson. Hilmand ponders over whether Hikmat was telling the truth. Mastaan Singh recalls his promise to Gul Meena and sharpens his blade. Sabz Ali learns that Hikmat had an affair with Gul Meena and requests Hikmat he is not responsible for the Ghag.

3. Jo Bichar Gaye (Ep 09)

Air Date: 06-Feb-2022

The army has had enough according to Col. Fakhar. They can’t let Mujib enjoy his fiefdom in East Pakistan and mess up the whole country. Captain Siddiq manages to come back after being stranded by his Bengali subordinates in the jungle. Farrukh receives a secret message while at work. He becomes suspicious of Siddiq and the others for pasting the paper message on his board. Col. Fakhar organizes a secret operation to disarm the Bengali soldiers in Cantt. Farrukh is tasked with killing 22 guards of a certain residence. The guards there are seemingly about to slay the civilian families residing in Cantt. Farrukh is unaware of whether he’ll survive the night and so conveys his feelings of love to Sonia. Major Ghaisuddin becomes suspicious of Farrukh and interrogates him a bit. Farrukh deliberately spills the tea brought to him by Ghaisuddin. Haroon manages to accompany Roomi for work after seeking his mother’s permission. The Bengalis are doubtful of Haroon’s loyalty due to his half-blood identity. They put together a brutal test to confirm it. Roomi comes running after getting to know of the matter.

4. Bisaat (Ep 11)

Air Date: 06-Feb-2022

Jahanzaib scolds Sofia for revealing his sickness to Murtaza. Afreen apologizes to Murtaza for ruining his life. Murtaza feels regret at marrying Kinza as revenge from Afreen. Jahanzaib fumes at Sania after she taunts Afreen for not becoming pregnant after three weeks. Kinza’s mother refuses to let Afreen participate when celebrating her own daughter’s ‘pregnancy’. Murtaza reveals his wish of bringing Jahanzaib’s truth to light and freeing Afreen from her plight. Jahanzaib once again tries to convince Murtaza of his wretched plan. Afreen suggests seeking advice from a doctor. Jahanzaib refuses and reveals his sickness to her. Afreen does not believe him thinking he’s just trying to cover for his wife. Jahanzaib then suggests the same plan of secretly marrying Murtaza to Afreen. She blatantly refuses him and leaves. Afreen is angry at Murtaza for hiding the truth. He defends himself saying he himself got to know of the matter five days ago. She then begs him not to push her into this swamp. Afreen moves back to her old room. Jahanzaib tries to stop her but all in vain. Noor suffers from a heart attack and is taken to the hospital. Ramis secures a second position in the school.

5. Aitebaar (Ep 03)

Air Date: 07-Feb-2022

Fareeha comes to convince Shiza to prepare for the parlor but she refuses to go. Her mother and Shehryar arrive in the meantime. Later, Hamza and Parisa deny attending the marriage. Fareeha relates it to Parisa’s kidnapping incident. Shehryar is enraged and demands how his sister was wrong in the matter. Fareeha blames it all on Parisa’s misfortune. Shiza is saddened at Parisa and Hamza’s absence and is moved to tears. Her make-up gets ruined continuously until Fareeha comes to scold her. Parisa tries her best to convince Hamza to attend the marriage but he remains lackluster and refuses to answer her. Shiza’s in-laws are irritated at the couple’s absence during the wedding. Shehryar apologizes to them for the inconvenience. Shiza’s husband also instructs her not to cut ties with Hamza and Parisa after what they did. Parisa packs her belongings and leaves in despair. Shiza is reinvigorated at her sister’s arrival. Later she’s confused at Hamza’s absence.

6. Baddua (Ep 21)

Air Date: 07-Feb-2022

Aysha suggests Neelum visit her mother’s place. She asks Falak that she’ll have to go on shopping with her. Neelum’s friend’s birthday comes up. Aysha’s blood pressure shoots in stress over wedding preparations. Kamran suggests postponing the wedding. Jibran opposes the idea as postponing would make her more worried. Abeer calls Affan to inform him that Junaid and Neelum are still meeting. Affan goes to Neelum’s house and learns that she went to a friend’s house. Just then, Neelum and her friends come. Annie asks Junaid why he is regretting his own decision. Jibran finds out about Abeer and suggests Omair forget her. Omair wants to give Abeer a lesson and plans for her husband to find out that they meet quietly. Abeer tells Nazish that she dreamt of Athar leaving her and re-marrying. She insists that her dreams come true. Nazish, in an attempt to make her leave, pushes her hard and Abeer falls and loses her baby.

7. Aye Musht-e-Khaak (Ep 17~18)

Air Date: 07~08-Feb-2022

Dua enlists all of Mustajab’s doubts regarding religion to Imam Sahb. As expected, Imam Sahb resolves all her issues with his wisdom and strengthens her faith in Allah Almighty once again. Dua then leaves towards the hospital while her phone is accidentally left back at the mosque. Mustajab comes looking for his wife and criticizes Imam Sahb for being a scandal that loots money from people. Dua comes back to the mosque with Taqi and witnesses her husband insulting Imam Sahb. She plans to head back home with Taqi which puts Mustajab on edge. Taqi makes the wise decision and abandons Dua. Mustajab and Dua once again clash on their different ideologies. Shockingly, Dua reveals Imam Sahb’s true background. As it happens, he’s a Ph.D. doctor and also a billionaire. His only purpose in having settled in such a remote place is to preach Islam and show the correct path to stray people. Mustajab challenges Dua regarding the odds of her brother’s survival. He wants Dua to abandon her religion while Dua herself favors getting a divorce. Miraculously, Dayaan is cured. Mustajab’s illusions of peace are shattered once Dua declares her plans of getting divorce. Shakeela switches to announcing Dua’s ‘hasty’ decision to Nimra. Dua’s parents support her and decide to break the marriage after Dayaan’s wedding. Shakeela and Mustajab remain uninvited and Mustajab feels lost. But he’s still stubborn and doesn’t plan to surrender without a fight. Getting divorce from Mustajab will be as difficult as crossing a sea of fire itself.

8. Amanat (Ep 20)

Air Date: 08-Feb-2022

Malik Furqan firms his belief in strangling his niece’s child before birth. He reveals his decision to his wife and later calls the lady doctor to get the job done. He even tries to bribe her into doing his bidding. The doctor refuses saying that it’s impossible to kill the child without letting Meher. Meher’s aunt advises her against her hasty decision of getting a divorce. Zunaira discovers the documents her husband has prepared for going abroad. She throws a tantrum which results in Junaid being criticized and condemned by his family members. Later, her parents arrive as well and chide Junaid. Raheel then calls his wife and blames her for the sins of her brother. Zarrar blocks Junaid and both get into a heated argument over Junaid’s decision. Meher hears her uncle concocting evil plans to fulfill her and Zarrar’s divorce agreement. She then tears the said documents apart.

9. Ibn-e-Hawwa (Ep 01)

Air Date: 08-Feb-2022

Mahjabeen is a wealthy widow who lives alone in her huge bungalow. Her maid, Rashida is grasped by greed and concocts a robbery plan while Mahjabeen is sleeping. Her husband and another man partake in the sin as well. Rashida is of the mind to throttle Mahjabeen in case she wakes up. Acting cleverly, Mahjabeen pretends to be asleep until both men step out of her room. She then acts as if she’s totally unaware of what’s happening and engages Rashida in a chat. All of a sudden, Mahjabeen closes the door behind Rashida. The three intruders are alarmed and try to break into Mahjabeen’s room by force. Zahid (who runs a tailor shop) and his friend are passing by. They hear Mahjabeen’s cry for help. The two men sneak up behind the robbers and beat the hell out of them both. They then give Mahjabeen the all-clear sign after tying the robbers with rope. Mahjabeen’s neighbor Bi Shabratan arrives and blames Zahid and his friend for being thieves as well. Mahjabeen clears the misunderstanding and both men leave. Zahid’s mother, Nasim betrayed his father and left. Ever since then, his father has been a pessimistic man with no hope available. His sister, Naila grew up under his aunt’s care. Her aunt’s daughter-in-law is a mean woman who slanders Naila all day long. Bi Shabratan’s daughter, Aliya is interested in Zahid. Mahjabeen’s in-laws are greedy people who only remember her in times of need.

10. Dobara (Ep 16)

Air Date: 09-Feb-2022

Mahir becomes a bit agitated after a sales boy addresses Mehru as his mother. He criticizes the boy for having no manners. Mahir’s stepmother calls upon him and lets him know of his father’s sickness. She taunts him for acting dominant after earning a few bucks. Mahir counterattacks by saying how he’s the owner of not just one, but multiple factories. His father remains shell-shocked after learning of his son’s marriage even after Mahir is long gone. He continues calling Mahir but the latter simply ignores him. Babar reaches out to Mahir through phone but the now wealthy tycoon ignores his previous friend. Mahir and Mehru have lunch at Fareed and Nayyara’s home. Fareed taunts Mahir for being cunning like a fox. Mahir eavesdrops upon Mehrunnisa while she declares her lack of enough trust in Mahir when it comes to business. He’s a bit hurt and makes up his mind to misuse Mehru’s trust in the most abhorrent ways possible. Affan returns from his honeymoon and goes mad after learning of his mother’s marriage with Mahir.

11. Ishq-e-Laa (16)

Air Date: 10-Feb-2022

Ghayas passes away and Arbab Haroon arrives at his funeral to offer condolences. Sitwat is in distress. Shireen consoles her saying Sitwat still has Azlan whereas she has no one. Kanwal sells her jewelry to pay Azka’s fees. Sitwat asks Azlan to leave the revenge to Allah but he is determined. Shireen refuses to help Azka with her admission file, saying they betrayed Shanaya and have come to fulfill their needs. Azlan asks to keep Ghayas’s door locked as he is unworthy of sitting in his office for now. The police inform that the car involved in the murder of Shanaya belongs to a car rental company owned by Arbab’s brother-in-law, Mr. Sarmad Raza, and that proof isn’t enough. Azka learns someone has already paid her university dues. Azlan visits Arbab Haroon who denies his involvement in the case. Arbab Haroon calls the police, who ask him to show a few proofs to Azlan as he is not an ordinary man.

12. Mere Humsafar (Ep 07)

Air Date: 10-Feb-2022

Hala reveals her and Khurram’s matter to Sameen. Sofia then manipulates her daughter Sameen into telling her the whole story. Shah Jahan also listens carefully to Hala’s endeavors. Nafees sends 50 lakh rupees to Raees for his daughter’s marriage. Raees plans to wed Hala within the minimum budget and keep the rest money for his own family. He chooses a stupid guy named Naveed as Hala’s life companion. Her grandmother objects to marrying Hala to an idiot. Roomi gets increasingly frank with the bus driver. Sameen forbids her again and again but to no avail. Meanwhile, the busboy sets his sight on Sameen. Shah Jahan discovers Hala secretly chatting with Khurram. She confiscates Hala’s phone and then invites Khurram to visit. Khurram believes her lies about Hala getting married to Hamza instead of Naveed. Meanwhile, Hala accidentally mentions her matter with Khurram in front of Shafaq and her family. While they’re shocked at the secret affair, Hala also despairs after learning of Khurram’s engagement with Shafaq. Khurram arrives and calls Hala a liar. She’s finally kicked out of her friend’s house. Hamza comes back from abroad after finishing his studies.

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