Sila-e-Mohabbat – Episode 24~28 Story

Below is the story of episodes 24~28 of the drama ‘Sila-e-Mohabbat‘ that were aired on 15~19 November 2021.

Alizay remains scared and is unable to forget the horrible incident. Raheel’s father makes him realize the trauma faced by Alizay. Raheel apologizes to his sister and both patch up.

Shehreena cries thinking nobody cares about her. Alizay’s mother chides Tabrez and warns him about contacting Alizay. The family wishes for Alizay to move on and decide to get her divorced via court.

Rania berates Tabrez for taking Alizay’s side as she caused her sadness. Ahmer tries to help Alizay cope with life. She gets upset to see Tabrez and Rania shopping with the baby. Tabrez refuses to marry Rania who is shocked to find out that the family is behind her property.

Rania runs away from the house. Some goons harass her but she is saved by Ahmer who is a police officer. Rania takes Alizay’s help and starts living with them. Alizay’s family lends support to Rania. Tabrez files her missing report and meets Ahmer. 

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